Taking a Break From Broadway to Recharge

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How to Treat Yourself

You need to take a break from acting. It is good for your soul and your body.

The challenging thing about doing something you love is that you never know when you are going overboard. Often, Broadway actors find themselves in the studio day after day, every hour shooting films, directing, researching, and doing so many other things.

At such time, you might hit a creative block where you feel you are not able to create something you consider excellent. You might also experience other symptoms of stress while all the while, you try to convince yourself that you are now working too much.

Get a New Perspective in Your Art

As an actor, it is not easy to generate fresh ideas when you are immersed in acting every day. If you have ideas that haven’t been working for you, it is time to try something new and calm your mind and open it to a new perspective. For starters, immersing yourself in a completely different activity relieves the stress from your Broadway acting and also inspires new ideas.

You do anything from grilling ribs on ceramic grills to learning how to bake while you are on a break. These activities will make your happy put your mind in a good state to come up with new ideas. It all depends on what you love – if you love grilling, get a good quality grill and get on with it.

Learn to Detect Signs of Stress

Actors get fulfillment from every scene they shoot. This can make it challenging for you to detect stress. Instead, you might end up saying that you have been working too much while in real sense you are stressed from work.

However, your mental and physical health should be the first and the main reason you learn to detect stress. Actors do not have a routine – which makes the lifestyle interesting. But it also means that you can be working from dawn until way past midnight. As an actor, you also strive to find ways to improve your skills and your life. Granted, you might be attending classes or working a second job to support your dreams. Such a hectic schedule leaves you burned out. After going without a break, your body will get temporarily sick and you will be forced to take a break.

Rejuvenate Your Creativity

No matter how creative you are, giving for days will leave you feeling like you have given your all and have nothing else to give. Taking a break and enjoying the smoky taste and flavor of grilled ribs or chicken will help you get your creative juices back. Engaging in activities such as grilling will clear your mind of the stress you might have had so you will start on a clean slate after your break.

Different Artists Have Done It

Acting and music are almost inseparable. Different musicians have taken breaks (sometimes for years) to reflect on their art. Before releasing his 2020 album, Changes, Justin Bieber announced to his fans that he was taking a break from music. He claimed that after performing all his teenage life, the show business had taken a toll on his life and he needed a break. He is not alone; several actors, including Emma Watson, Ryan Gosling Chris Evans, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Idris Elba, have taken breaks at some point in their careers.

Treat Yourself

You can do anything during the break as long as it does not involve acting. Visit places you have always wanted to visit, learn to play the guitar or any other instruments you have always wanted to learn, visit the museum, learn to cook, visit friends and family, or just sit out your holiday enjoying the silence in your home.

You must do something that challenges your mind but one that you love. Even as the activities you engage in challenging your mind, they should be fun. If you choose to grill, for instance, aim to get the best quality grills during your break. It will be fun grilling different types of meat every day (and enjoying the sweetness of the grills).

Rest enough so that your body and your mind regenerate. If you have been working twelve hours a day, cut that to three or four hours a day and spend the rest of your time relaxing. Taking a break is never enough if you will go back to the job fatigued. In conclusion, learning when to take a break is as important as the break itself. As such, watch out for signs that you are losing your creative juices and take a break from Broadway.

By: Sylvia Romero

Date: June 27, 2020

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