Life of a Broadway Artists

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Unlike big-name Hollywood actors, Broadway performers are relatively less popular. Their role on a Broadway show doesn’t open them up to the level of stardom of a mainstream actor. Their popularity and fame are rather regional in nature. Only regular theatergoers and Broadway aficionados are aware of their existence. Without the fame of a mainstream actor, they have much less to worry about in terms of their security and potential stalkers.

Even among actors and actresses working in Broadway, there are varying levels of fame. The most popular performers are well known to theatergoers and are sought after by most productions. Whereas less popular or fledgling actors have to fight and struggle to build their name and recognition. Between the two types of actors, there is an obvious difference in lifestyle. The former have production companies come to them with offers and roles while the latter have to go for castings and interviews to find a production interested in enlisting them. Popular actors need to devote a significant portion of their time to socializing and attending parties to build a network and maintain contracts. In contrast, novices need to spend more time practicing and learning to hone their craft.
Working in an artistically inclined field such as theatre industry on Broadway is obviously a vastly different experience from working a 9 to 5 job in a typical office. It entails a vastly different lifestyle. Fledgling actors often need to spend a great deal time auditioning to find bigger and better roles while simultaneously practicing their performance for the part the currently have. However, one thing all Broadway actors have to do is maintain their fitness. Broadway performances can be laborious physical affairs. After all, communication through body language is a key aspect of theatre. For this reason, many actors choose to visit their gym in the day or have a mini gym set up at the theatre where they work and perform.
Along with exercise, fitness is maintained through diet. Actors focus on having a healthy diet which mostly consists of fruits to give themselves energy while simultaneously ensuring that their body remains in top notch shape.
One way in which a Broadway actor’s life differs vastly from a conventional job is in their daily work schedule. While most professions require their employees to work during the day, in Broadway things are a little different. Consider the fact that shows happen in the evening or night since that is when most people are free to attend a performance. As a result, an actor performs their core work at night. In some ways, this is convenient since it leaves their entire day free to do whatever else they want or need to get done. On the flip side, the negative point is that being unavailable in the evening could be a detriment to their social life since most social gatherings and meetings are organized in the evening when most people are free. In addition to this, actors may also need to work on weekends. The need to sacrifice weekends should come as no surprise since that is when theatres and other centers of art exhibition experience the highest footfall.
At the end of the day, the people who work on Broadway say that all the effort and sacrifice is worth it since they get to pursue their passion and entertain audiences.

By: Sylvia Romero

Date: February 8, 2018

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