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Aspiring artists develop various skills to help them become celebrities. They develop good speech, acting skills, dancing skills, voice, improvisation, juggling, pantomime, period styles, fencing, and skills for playing musical instruments.

Knowledge of the history of play, theater and film production is essential. Psychology courses, training, and practical acting experience also support acting career roles. In this section, you’ll learn various acting techniques and skills you need to increase your employment possibilities and success in your acting roles.

Expert Advice

The profession of acting is demanding. Learning gestures and movements, expression and delivery, and character projection, studying lines and rehearsing takes lots of time. Team work allows directors to work with cast members and writers to deliver perfect performance.

Acting can also go over nights and weekends or involve road shows and travels. With limited time for learning and rehearsals, artists often work under great pressure and varied climates.

Whether you’re a film, theater or TV performer, you’ll access expert advice in this section to help improve your career roles.

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