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Sylvia Broadway is an online platform dedicated to acting as a career. We were inspired to start a platform where we can inspire upcoming artists to take up their acting roles and become successful in what they do. We’ve been successful as Broadway actors and actresses ourselves.

Due to the immense success of Sylvia Broadway and our acting careers, we found it fit to motivate and inspire young talent. This is a great way to ensure that the future of acting continues to be bright with special talents joining the industry.

Founded in 2015, we seek to provide tips on what it takes to become a successful actor or actress. We share techniques that have been proven to work and seek to help beginners follow the right path to their career success. At Sylvia Broadway, you only learn from the industry’s best to succeed in all your acting efforts.

Artists can play big or minor roles in their acts and work in regional, global or local acting companies. Actors can even work as directors, dramatic coaches, or acting teachers in colleges, schools, and local theater groups. Some artists start out working on other jobs as they search for their first acting roles, or during their free time.

Beginners usually start with small roles in small acting companies. They grow in their careers and progress to larger roles in big media companies or become lead roles’ understudies. In the latter role, an artist takes the role of a lead actor or actress if the performer becomes sick.

Artists also transition from kids’ entertainment or small experimental theaters to entertaining larger audiences in larger acting companies. It takes self-discipline, hard work, determination, and patience to succeed in an acting role.

Special talent or qualities usually enable good actors to lure their audience into believing that they’re the actual characters they portray. They use music, words, dance, and gestures to capture the attention and belief of their audience.

Stage techniques, learning lines, the right costumes, wearing makeup, and attending classes or rehearsals are important aspects of acting careers.

Cooperation from different members of a team with good team work skills go a long way in helping actors become successful. Designers, fellow actors, directors, camera operators, stage managers, and various workers in production and backstage contribute to the success of actors and actresses.

Successful plays are repeatedly performed several times or even more than a year. Similarly, stage actors may have to attend rehearsals if their performance is deemed “stale” or some actors get replaced for varied reasons.

When the run of a successful play or film ends, no matter how long it takes, cast members must find new work.

Unlike stage acting, movie actors in motion pictures perform small sections of their roles at different times. Every scene is captured individually and in no sequence. Moreover, if you’re a film artist, you can share your time between on-location shooting and studio work.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that actors’ median pay per hour is $11.28. However, Broadway artists earn at least $1,422 every week. At Sylvia Broadway, we provide you with the tips, information and everything you need to become a successful actor or actress in your area of choice.

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